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'The believer lies between two fears, fear of a sin that he has committed in the past and does not know what action Allah has taken [with regards to it], and fear for the remainder of his life in which he does not know what destructive sins he may commit, therefore he always wakes up in the morning fearful and it is only fear that reforms?

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Kafi, v. 2, p. 71, no. 12

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Question : #1175 Category: Death Issues
Subject: suicide
Question: my elder died many years ago by commiting suicide as she was suffering from depression which occurred after the death of her husband . I still get disturbed by her action. I do Namaze shab and ask for forgiveness on her behalf. What else can I do so that she be forgiven form this sin , and get a place in Jannat

Our Sheikh will respond to this question in the coming days Insha'Allah, check again soon

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