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Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Ibid. no. 5426

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Question : #1143 Category: Women's Issues
Subject: Abusive Marital Relations
Question: In the Name of Allah
I have some questions about marital rights in
Islam. What are the
rights of a husband over his wife in a marriage?

Does a husband have the right to only allow his
wife to go to places that he consents to, wear
clothing that he approves of, and only associate
with people that he likes?

Does a man have the right to keep his wife from
going out, to not let her continue her education at
university, for example, or to work?

If a man gives a woman her dowry and they are
legally married (nikah),
must she surrender to her husband's sexual
requests in any case, unless she has a Sharia
excuse? For example, is her husband permitted to
take her into any hotel room he wants, even
though she is not comfortable with this
arrangement, and would prefer to wait until they
live together in their new home?

If this is all permitted, this would mean allowing for
the possibility of women to be in abusive
Control,possessiveness, overprotectiveness,
extreme jealousy, for a woman to feel that
she always has to please her husband at the
expense of her own self, and needs and requires
permission from her spouse to go somewhere are
not signs of love, but of abuse, and should not be
They are all signs of an abusive relationship.

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