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'When a servant tells one lie, the angels distance themselves a mile away from him because of his foul smell.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Sharh Nahj al-Baldgha li ibn Abi al- Hadid, v. 6, p. 357

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Question : #114 Category: Imam Mahdi
Subject: Dua Ahad and Imam Mahdi
Question: I have heard that reciting Dua 'Ahad for 40 consecutive nights will allow me to see our Imam, is this true and in what form would we be able to see him?
Answer: It has been said that if one recites this supplication after the fajr prayers for 40 days they will meet the Imam. There are conditions to this as well including the piety of the person supplicating, his sincerity, and most of all the divine will.
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