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'When Allah, Blessed and most High, wants to honour a servant who has previously committed a sin, He tries him with illness, and if not with that then with need. And if not with that, then He makes his death difficult. But when He wants to humiliate a servant who has done some good previously, He makes his body healthy, or makes his sustenance abundant, or makes his death easy.?

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
A'lam al-Din, p. 433

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Question : #112 Category: Divorce / Talaq
Subject: is my divorce valid?
Question: I have a problem, I was married and after a few years we decided to divorce, but we didn't divorce through the Shar'ia law as it was mutual agreement between us.

Now after many many years I am remarried with someone else conducted through Islamic law, but what's my responsibility with my first wife, keep in mind the ex-wife does not wish to cooperate with me
Answer: Salaam alaykum,

If you did not conduct the Shari' divorce you are still married to her. If you want you can divorce her Islamically or reconcile.

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