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Imam al-Baqir speaking to Muhammad b. Muslim, ?O Muhammad, you might think that he [meaning the Prophet (SAWA)] filled himself by eating wheat bread for three continuous days from the time Allah sent him until when He took him up?' He answered himself, saying, 'No, by Allah, he never filled himself with wheat bread for three continuous days since the time Allah sent him until He took him [his soul]. I am not saying that he could not find any, for one man would offer him one hundred camels, so if he wanted to eat he could have done so.'

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
dl-Kafi, v. 8, p. 130, no. 100

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Question : #105 Category: Shia Sunni Dialogue
Subject: Shia view on Taraweeh
Question: what is the Shia view on teravi? Is it considered haram to participate in teravim or is it just not recommended?
Answer: Salaam alaykum,

It is considered an innovation and therefore it is haram to participate in it. One is not allowed to make up acts of worship; rather, he must follow the prescription provided by Allah through the Prophet (s) and the Ahl al-Bayt (a).

Fi amanillah

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