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'The believer likes others and is well-liked by them, and there is no good to be found in one who does not get along with others and whom people do not get along with. The best of people is the most useful from among them.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Ibid. no. 679

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Question : #100 Category: Shia Sunni Dialogue
Subject: Praying open hands to close hands
Question: Did the Prophet Muhammad pray open or close hands, and when did this division take place?
Answer: The Prophet (s) prayed with his hands open. I do not know the exact instance that this division took place, although it is commonly known that it took place during the reign of the second caliph.
Follow Up
I recently had a short discussion about this with a Sunni sister and she said that they do that as a sign of respect, as when someone who was approaching Prophet Muhammad (saw) did before him. My questions are; is it respectful? is it obligatory or optional? And finally where and why did this tradition arise? Thank you!

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